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OBEY – Supply & Demand

On 19, Mar 2017 | No Comments | In Blog | By

I bought this book many years ago.┬áIt is a collection of Shepard Fairey’s work from this school days until 2005. It is pretty exhastive. I would say it is 90% images and the rest copy. If you try to read the whole book it might take two hours. It is a very impressive book. All the graphics are very strong and the images he chooses can be political. His artwork started as stickers around his colleges campus and town. He started to do graffiti art with his Andre the giant image. His graffiti morphed into political figures and making huge murals in cities across the word. The range of graphics shown is impressive. To president Obama to famous musicians like Bob Marley and Joe Strummer. Before shipping the book cost $60.00 – completely worth what you pay.

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